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Get Paid To Drive – Wrap Your Car!!!

If you already have a car and you’re insured, can help you get your car wrapped with one of our sponsoring partners who will wrap your car, based on the area that you’re geographically located.  Our advertisers will be presented with your car and will then approve which ad they would like wrapped on […]

Car Wrapping Services

If you are comfortable getting your car wrapped, you need to already have a vehicle that is in good to great condition, no dents, dings, etc.  The wrap needs to fit properly for the advertiser to be satisfied of the wrap.  Please understand some of the liability pre-requisites in order to mitigate  risks and issues […] “Free Car” program

How the Free Car program works: A driver drives their own car with an advertiser’s advertising wrap. Driver is driving regularly, advertising the ads on the vehicle. Driver gets paid advertising dollars for the Wrap. It’s simple and straight forward.

Metalic finish

An example of this type of vehicle is customized just like a wrapping of a vehicle, however, requires a more detailed, precision process, as every inch matters.  This type of wrapping is unique and had a touch that captures the attention of potential customers.

Car Wrapping Bug

  Here’s an example of the type of car wrapping that can help you achieve for your vehicle.  Wrapping is no problem, just let us know what type of style you require, the dimensions, the imagery, and we can customize a solution that fits your vehicle.

Need a car wrapped? wraps your vehicle with advertising and pays you. can provide you with a list of dealers that offer you services. We have lists of dealers all over the country. For more information, contact us via email: INFO@FREECAR.COM

Interested in wrapping your car to advertise, contact us via email: WRAP@FREECAR.COM

Interested in wrapping vehicles? Do you offer Vehicle Ad Wrap services? Contact via email: INFO@FREECAR.COM